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Over the past three years, Total Webhosting Solutions (TWS) has emerged as one of Europe’s leading web hosting companies, experiencing unprecedented growth and expansion.

However, this rapid growth, fueled by numerous acquisitions, brought forth a critical challenge – the existing name and brand no longer aligned with the vision of TWS's leadership team. As a result, employees felt disconnected from the brand, and attracting top-tier talent became increasingly challenging.

To address the issues, TWS tapped Your Majesty to develop a new brand strategy, visual identity, and employer brand strategy to signal a new direction, increase team engagement and drive new talent applicants.

See “possibilities” in the brand core

From workshops and conversations with managers and employees, it became clear that TWS teams align around a firm belief in unlocking new value for their customers.

Additionally, TWS's technical prowess also gives them the ability to make these new possibilities possible. These two insights were then merged into a single brand positioning: Your Grounds to Build Online Possibilities.

TWS is renamed to Your.Online

The new name connotes the endless possibilities that Your.Online puts at the disposal of its customers and teams. This move takes the brand from its overtly technical category into the aspirational arena.

Weaving the visual webs of possibilities

Our strategic learnings show that the new identity must embody the relationship between Your.Online and its subsidiaries, positioning Your.Online as the ground for their teams and customers to scale online ambitions globally.

Using the visual metaphor of a blueprint, the identity tells the story of how Your.Online weaves together the webs of online while providing guidance. The identity is driven by a coaching nature: softly assertive, precisely directive, and always outspoken.

“Your Majesty challenged us to dare to be different and pushed us out of our creative comfort zone. This resulted in a truly distinctive visual and brand positioning.

Besides the deliverables, they did well to include our organization by doing groundwork and workshops, so the result was well-supported within the organization.

We're really happy and proud of the result, and more importantly, our target audience has reacted positively from the start.”

Steven Hoyer, Project Lead & Business Development Manager , Your.Online


  • 100% increase in job applications
  • 20% increase M&A acquisition leads
  • Changing minds of a declined M&A prospect

Services & Outcomes

Insights & Strategy
  • Strategic Intake
  • Immersion Workshop
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Brand Workshop
Brand Identity
  • Brand Belief
  • Positioning
  • Brand Personalities
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
  • Logotype
  • Typography
  • Colour palette
  • Visual framework
  • Imagery Direction
  • Brand Book
  • Print Examples
  • Signage Examples
  • Website Look & Feel

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