A platform for fans to visualize their love for their favorite artists, audiobooks, or podcasts.


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Together with the Label Relations team we created an extendable platform tool for Spotify to highlight new releases, milestones, or just celebrate artists and their fans.

Cities go head to head

Debates are settled once and for all as fans are finally able to see which city is home to the biggest fans, which city the artists are most popular in, and get insight into each city’s taste.

Turning data into insights

Not only are fans able to see how much they have listened, but they’re also able to get deeper insights into what listening habits they have, how they compare to other listeners, which member they resemble based on their taste, as well as visualizing their behavior with an interactive listening signature.

Bragging rights

Passionate fans can show the world their stats, such as listening to an artist for 500+ hours or earning the coveted title of a superfan by ranking in the top 1% of fans, or that they are a die hard fan because their most streamed track is an obscure b-side that you’ve probably never heard. This through personalized and instantly generated share-cards.

In short

All personalised data and statistics are available to share and as a final takeaway the users are presented with a full page summary of their fandom. The most shared section of the platform.


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