New frontiers for the world’s largest arts and design museum.

V&A Dundee

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New territory

V&A Dundee is the first ever dedicated design museum in Scotland. Established in close partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, V&A Dundee is part of the wider V&A family with design as a common thread from London to Dundee to Shenzhen in China.

Constructing a creative hub

The website is a vital piece in the opening of the brand new V&A Dundee, an all-in-one design museum, cultural venture and ‘must-see’ visitor attraction that positions the city of Dundee as a new creative hotspot and tourist destination.

V&A Dundee is a part of the greater V&A family, so our key challenge was to provide audiences with a user experience that is consistent with other V&A museum sites but still conveys the Dundee branch’s distinctive identity.

Designing for a design museum

We began by sketching out a set of design principles to act as the foundation and polestar for all of our design decisions. These principles helped to paint the picture of our design landscape early on in the process.

Inspired by the modern architecture of the Dundee museum, we envisioned a website that reflects the building’s unique construction as a connection between the city and its waterfront.

During the early design stages, we used eye-tracking technology in user tests to validate if the designed elements received their intended attention to logically express the website’s narrative.

Building on a legacy

Our development team was able to jumpstart the work by leveraging the existing V&A codebase and shaping it into a modern, light and crisp platform, one that is worthy of V&A Dundee’s great unveiling.

In close collaboration with the V&A digital media team in London and the V&A Dundee team, we ensured a consistent user journey by applying updated identity guidelines, substituting modules and incorporating several third-party integrations, all while holding design, performance, accessibility and individuality in high regard.

Design futures

In summary, we're proud to have an ongoing collaboration with V&A Dundee, and look forward to supporting the organization’s mission of attracting new businesses, investors, professionals and visitors to the Dundee area.


Jankees van Woezik
Yvonne Lu


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