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Exemplifying the “Scramble it” ethos

Scrambled is an expert in digital food content for various clients who share their passion for food. To grow and scale, they needed a new brand identity that would help them gain clarity on the future of Scrambled.

We created an identity that was recognizable and reflected the distinct core values that everyone at Scrambled embodies – an open-minded, innovative, dedicated team that is committed to making food an enjoyable experience for people.

Capturing the creator spirit, with a twist of fun

Over three weeks of collaborative workshops, daily discussions, and a peek in the (literal) kitchen, we discovered that what sets this company apart is their own curiosity, knowledge, and passion for creating end-to-end digital food solutions in a uniquely Scrambled way.

The identity brings this dynamic vibe to life, inspired by the energy from their studios and the “make it happen” spirit – invoking a feeling of trust that keeps people coming back to create something extraordinary and mouth-watering.

"Clear timelines were shared, a dedicated team was formed and off we went. Through a series of well prepared workshops and meetings it took them a good two months to deliver exactly what we needed, a new brand that perfectly matches our DNA and that lays a foundation for years to come.”
– Rob Viguurs, Managing Director

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