Building a digital stage for universal love.

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Universal Love · Campaign · Website

Building a stage for universal love

To spread the movement of universal love from the wedding capital of the world — Las Vegas —, MGM Resorts teamed up with McCann New York to release Universal Love, a collection of wedding songs that have been reimagined for the LGBTQ community.

The album features iconic artists, such as Bob Dylan and Kesha, performing classic love songs with their pronouns changed to reflect the universality of love. With the project’s grand purpose, the updated but timeless songs, and the cover artwork from Craig and Karl, McCann came to us to build a space to host and amplify this revolution.

Creativity with intent

With the vibrant cover artwork from Craig and Karl as inspiration, the possibilities for creative expression were endless. To ensure the platform achieves its monumental mission, we established an execution strategy that aims to balance both communication and emotional objectives.

  • To be celebratory: this is a momentous time for love
  • To be loud: because support for a revolution must be bold
  • To be exciting: since love, in all its forms, is fun and sensational

Translating the manifesto into interaction

A natural channel to transmit the music was through the album’s artwork, particularly the rainbow at its center, which reflects the color sequence of the LGBTQ pride flag. Our aim was to infuse feelings of festivity, joy, and love into every aspect of the website.

With small details like creating the chance to listen to love itself, hearts bursting with elation, and an explosion of color when browsing through the rainbow, the site embraces each user in the movement of love for all.


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