Prototyping the future of made-to-measure apparel commerce.

Atelier Munro

M2M Experience · Research & Development

Atelier Munro believes in custom, one-of-a-kind garments made exclusively for businesses and their customers. Your Majesty helped research, envision, and prototype a bespoke made-to-measure (“M2M”) shopping experience.

Lasting garments you’ll love to wear.

The future of M2M shopping is “phygital”

From conducting an ethnographic study, interviewing users and salespeople, we learned that the magic of the M2M shopping experience is the end-to-end personal touch.

Based on this insight, we developed a cross-platform digital experience. Through a 3D apparel configurator, customers learn about M2M apparel and create their digital look.

In stores, customers can use a tablet to pick up where they left off online, see physical samples in-situ by adding the sample IDs to their look and finalize the purchase.

Customers discover online, while considering and making the purchase offline.

An inviting, non-intimidating experience with made to measure

Due to inconsistent labeling and approaches to creating “personalized” apparel, made-to-measure apparel is often misconstrued as tedious and intimidating to most customers.

Our design centers around making things simple. The onboarding helps customers narrow down their choices in three steps. Learning familiar UX patterns, we make curating an M2M personal look as easy as applying Instagram filters.

A tangible roadmap to roll-out and scale

To equip Atelier Munro with everything they need to roll out this experience independently, we provided a suite of actionable and ready-to-deploy artifacts, including:

  • Research and insights database
  • Customer experience map
  • Clickable prototype for the entire experience
  • Technical prototype of the 3D configurator
  • 3D asset production pipeline documentation
  • Resources and budget plan
  • Product roadmap and release plan

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