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‘Computers Take Over The World’ - Armin Van Buuren

When the computers really did take over

Given the name of Armin van Buuren’s new single, ’Computers take over the world’, the team at Armada Music were keen to push the limits of emerging AI tools and launch an AI-fuelled marketing campaign.

Armada Music sought our expertise in using generative AI tools to create the creative assets surrounding the launch.

Designing a program to guide and educate

To support the development of the campaign, we designed and delivered a two-day training and creative workshop with Armada Music’s marketing and creative teams.

Our objective was to offer technical and creative direction while educating the client team on how to best use generative AI tools; for example, sharing how the tools work and how to get the best out of them with tips on how to write instructional commands, known as ‘prompts’.

Discovery & Exploration

Our session started with a discussion. Inspired by the track name, we decided to deep dive into the hopes and fears of using technology now and in the near future.

We shaped this discussion into four key themes with their own distinctive creative direction: Cyberpunk, Solarpunk, Progressive Experimentation, and Who's taking over the world?

The aim was to make the entire campaign - from artwork to copywriting - using AI generation with minimal human editing.

Before jumping into the ‘making of’, our technical director, Kasper, provided a crash course in the available creative tools, the technology behind them and the most recent developments in the field.

Collaboration & Creativity

Suitably up to speed, we worked together to live-test prompts on prompts on Midjourney, Dall-E 2, Stable Diffusion and Disco Diffusion.

We used this time to explore which prompts gave which visual outcomes and variations between the different tools.

“We were guided into creating a phenomenal AI-Generated artwork and lyric video for the track’s release. We got up to speed on the capabilities of AI tools and how to optimize them for our needs. We were delighted with the campaign result and what we learned from the collaboration.” — Janice Renée Wendel, Marketing Manager.

Structure & Support

Following the workshop, we shared strategic and creative suggestions to guide the AI-assisted campaign and assets. We created a dedicated Slack channel to troubleshoot Armada’s experimentation with the suggested prompts.

The Armada team iterated towards the two images used in the final artwork.

Giving creative power to computers

With our guidance, the Armada team was able to build out a range of assets using generative AI tools. Beyond the marketing campaign, Armada Music also used generative AI to create the lyric video, enabling computers to truly take over.

The Lyric Video was created using Stable Diffusion and Deforum Stable Diffusion.

Press Coverage

This AI-assisted creativity reinforced the concept of Armin’s track, ensuring people didn't just get the message; it sparked a discussion.

Final artwork made using Stable Diffusion - a combination of two images.

“Your Majesty came prepared with loads of creative ideas and helped us sort through our team’s previous brainstorms to organize all ideas into a concise foundation on which we built a solid campaign. Their team was super accessible throughout the campaign and provided input and feedback. Their guidance was much appreciated, crucial for the outcome, and we definitely recommend working with them.” — Janice Renée Wendel, Marketing Manager

Outcomes & Services

  • Creative Direction
  • Technical Direction
  • Prompt Design
  • Creative Workshop
  • Collaborative Working Sessions

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