Introducing the world’s first digital-only fashion platform.

The Fabricant

LEELA · Strategy ·Design · Technology

Welcome to LEELA, your metaverse playground for self-expression.

In a time when digital has taken on more forms and meaning in our lives, it has also become a necessity for the world of fashion.

Together with The Fabricant, we researched and developed a breakthrough in digital fashion. Introducing LEELA—a revolutionary way for everyone to explore their self-expression beyond what is physically possible.

Dress up your multiple selves in the non-physical world of digital fashion.

Challenging the norms of fashion and identity

As Gen Z gradually becomes the defining generation of modern culture, their new expectations on fashion are on the rise. Today’s fashion needs to provide people with new ways to express their ever-changing identities while remaining environmentally conscious.

Centering around this shifting paradigm, the LEELA experience was architected to be fluid in its interaction and expression.

‘LEELA’ stands for dancing and playing

The word LEELA comes from the Hindi language, meaning to dance and play. LEELA’s mission is to provide a self-expressive playground, not merely a fashion e-commerce site. This ‘play’ ethos inspired many of our design decisions and lends itself throughout the interactive framework and visual language.

"Your Majesty understands the creative and technical aspects of visualizing and presenting fashion in engaging ways. They find new ways to deliver the desired results on time and at high-quality standards."
Adriana Hoppenbrouwer — Founder and Commercial Director, The Fabricant

Harnessing ambiguity to fuel innovation

As with any research and development initiative, we came into this project with unknowns, from both a technical and market-fit perspective.

To tackle these unknowns, we opted for an AGILE and embedded collaboration with our clients. Along with several guerilla tests throughout the project, this process allowed us to get quick feedback, fail fast, and innovate even faster.

The LEELA Beta was launched in April 2020 and was met with a significant engagement and positive recognitions from the fashion industry and world-leading publications.


  • From idea to the first MVP in six weeks
  • 600+ digital avatars created within the first three days
  • 1800+ digital looks created and shared on social media within three days of launch
  • Average session duration at 3:30 minutes
  • 27% bounce rate
  • World-wide mediacoverage
  • Validated market demand for digital self-expression
  • Awarded CSS Design Awards for UI Design, UX Design and Innovation
  • Awarded FWA Of The Day
  • Awarded Awwwards Mobile Excellence


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