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Sneakers, once a fringe hobby, is now a multi billion dollar industry. An industry that is constantly evolving, changing, and shaping culture. While sneaker lovers are enthusiastic about how much innovation this transformation brings about, they are equally perplexed by how little they get to enjoy sneakers' rise to mainstream culture; due to bots and resellers.

SoleSavy is a sneaker community that is built for and by sneaker lovers. In providing tools, knowledge and members-only rewards, SoleSavy gives everyone a chance to get the sneakers they deserve.

Your Majesty was tasked with developing SoleSavy’s brand positioning and identity which unite their ever-growing community.

Dare to believe in abundance

To distill the community’s core, we spoke with founders, new and old community members asking for the reason that they stay active within a—largely online—community. We found that the whole community’s firm belief lies in an abundant future for sneakers.

In a world plagued with manmade scarcity, SoleSavy exists to create a space for their members’ shared passion to flourish. They aim to empower through knowledge, services, and solidarity, to keep the game fair, fun, and honest.

They support one another and together, they unlock the world of sneakers.

OG’s passion meets novice expression

As SoleSavy evolved it was important for the whole community—ranging from OGs to novice members—to see themselves represented in the new identity. With this in mind, 'Progressive Legacy' served as the inspiration for the visual identity concept of the brand.

The concept aims to bring heritage passion to the future. While the street culture references such as the basketball orange, Brooklyn brick red, and vibrant shades of graffiti still lie at the core of the brand, the new typography injects the subtle robust feels of tech. It's balanced with the warmer feels of hand-drawn illustrations.

Bringing everything to life.

With the new brand strategy and visual identity developed, we redesigned SoleSavy.com to bring its new focus and energy to life. The design of the website leans heavily on micro-animation and bold layout to stay true to the dynamism of the sneaker culture.

Services & Outcomes

Insights & Strategy
  • Strategic Intake
  • Immersion Workshop
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Brand Workshop
Brand Identity
  • Archetype
  • Brand belief
  • Positioning
  • Brand Personalities
  • Brand Messaging
Visual Identity
  • Logotype
  • Typography
  • Colour Palette
  • Imagery Direction
  • Brand Book
  • Print Examples
  • Website Look & Feel
  • Social Media Branding
Marketing Website
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Frontend Development
  • CRM Integration
  • Tracking Plan
  • Website Analytics

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