Designing an electric car-sharing company from scratch.


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Turning an old dream into lovable product

Two ambitious entrepreneurs approached our Amsterdam team with a 10-year-old vision to offer sustainable mobility for everyone.

They had a concept for solving the problem of limited mobility access in rural areas and needed a service design partner to bring their vision to market.

For 10 weeks we strategized, designed, prototyped, validated and iterated our way towards co-creating a brand new company: OnzeAuto.

OnzeAuto offers an online platform that analyzes a user‘s mobility needs and then presents cost-effective options for them to lease electric cars with others.

Onze Auto means ”Our Car” in dutch.

Focusing on a trustworthy onboarding

We put a lot of focus on designing a seamless, easy to understand, and enjoyable onboarding. Its primary goal is to hold the user‘s hand throughout the daunting process of leasing an electric car with other people—a task that presents a new mental model for most users.

The team proved to be an excellent blend of deep and diverse expertise, combined with a strong sense of collegiality. They ask for the Why, which brings a lot of focus.
Marcel Kloprogge, Managing Partner

Putting the wheels in motion

In February 2018 we rolled out the first version of OnzeAuto and we can't wait to receive real customer feedback and use it to iterate towards market fit.

The journey has just begun and so far we're proud to contribute towards the sustainable mobility revolution.


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