A digital flagship and generative brand identity for Newcastle’s new innovation center.

Newcastle Helix

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An ambitious real estate project

Newcastle Helix brings together academia, the public sector, business, and industry to form a global, sustainable center for urban innovation.

With a focus on data and urban science, the city of Newcastle aims to set a new standard for transforming the quality of life for its inhabitants.

The Helix combines prestigious commercial and residential space with first-class research and education facilities in the heart of Newcastle.

We were asked by Bandstand, a creative agency in London, to help them to bring the brand and communication strategy to life.

Together, we created an ever-changing generative brand identity that is fueled by real-time data from the Helix itself.

Expressing the city of Newcastle

With multiple real-time datasets at our disposal, we created a living logo that mimics the ecosystem and behavior of Newcastle and the people that reside in the city.

The identity is continuously updating and renders new logo updates to all digital touchpoints every 15 minutes.

On the website, as well on interactive kiosks, users can explore the different data points, and see how the identity has evolved in the past 24 hours.

Newcastlehelix.com is a bespoke design, built from scratch using Contentful CMS.


Bandstand London
Newcastle Helix

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  • Workshop & Facilitation
  • 3D Animation
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