Introducing Famous Birthdays' new look

Mar 30, 2023
Famous Birthdays selected Your Majesty to modernize its website with a focus on speed and usability.

Famous Birthdays, the popular platform which celebrates the lives and accomplishments of celebrities, creators, influencers, and public figures, has been a go-to destination for fans and industry professionals alike since its inception in 2012.

With a mission to provide accurate and up-to-date information on the world’s most famous people, the company has amassed a dedicated following and become a trusted source for biographical data.

Currently, it ranks as the 276th most visited website on the Internet and recently became the official data-provider for celebrity information to Amazon’s Alexa.

Your Majesty led the redesign and development of the new site, emphasizing a modern aesthetic and prioritizing speed and usability.

"With our redesign now live, we continue to march towards our goal to make Famous Birthdays the most user-friendly website on the internet” said Evan Britton, founder and CEO of Famous Birthdays.

"It’s been a fun challenge to redesign the platform. The KPI was speed — to not only elevate the look and feel of the platform but doing it while ensuring that it was lightning fast. We had to go back to basics and only use vanilla HTML, CSS, and barely any javascript to ensure that the site performs to the highest standards. The result is a snappy experience regardless on where in the world someone is browsing." said Your Majesty’s managing partner, Georgios Athanassiadis.

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